Nonprofit Funding, Jobs, & Events November 2022

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Saucony Foundation’s Run for Good
The Saucony Run For Good Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children by helping to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. Grants of up to $10,000 are provided to nonprofit community organizations in the United States that initiate and support running programs for kids 18 years of age and younger. Supported programs should utilize running participation for health and well-being in children, serve youth populations not traditionally exposed to running programs, and demonstrate inspiration in improving the lives of children through running. 
Deadline: December 15, 2022 | Learn more >>
Walmart’s Local Community Grants 
Walmart’s Local Community Grants are awarded through an open application process and provide funding directly from Walmart and Sam’s Club facilities to local organizations in the U.S. Grants range from $250 - $5,000. There are eight areas of funding for which an organization can apply:

  1. Community and Economic Development: Improving local communities for the benefit of low-income individuals and families in the local service area
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering the building of relationships and understanding among diverse groups in the local service area
  3. Education: Providing afterschool enrichment, tutoring or vocational training for low-income individuals and families in the local service area
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Preventing waste, increasing recycling, or supporting other programs that work to improve the environment in the local service area
  5. Health and Human Service: Providing medical screening, treatment, social services, or shelters for low-income individuals and families in the local service area
  6. Hunger Relief and Healthy Eating: Providing Federal or charitable meals/snacks for low-income individuals and families in the local service area
  7. Public Safety: Supporting public safety programs through training programs or equipment in the local service area
  8. Quality of Life: Improving access to recreation, arts or cultural experiences for low-income individuals and families in the local service area

Deadline: Rolling through December 31, 2022 | Learn more >>
AmeriCorps State and National Grants
AmeriCorps improves lives, strengthens communities, and fosters civic engagement through service and volunteering. AmeriCorps brings people together to tackle some of the country’s most pressing challenges through national service and volunteerism. AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve with organizations dedicated to the improvement of communities and those serving. AmeriCorps helps make service a cornerstone of our national culture. AmeriCorps grants are awarded to eligible organizations proposing to engage AmeriCorps members in evidence-based or evidence-informed interventions/practices to strengthen communities. An AmeriCorps member is an individual who engages in community service through an approved national service position.
Deadline: January 4, 2023 | Learn more >>
Health Resources and Services Administration’s Rural Communities Opioid Response Program - Overdose Response 
The Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) is a multi-year initiative aimed at reducing the morbidity and mortality of substance use disorder (SUD), including opioid use disorder (OUD), in high-risk rural communities. This funding opportunity, RCORP-Overdose Response, will advance RCORP’s overall goal by supporting immediate responses to the opioid crisis in rural areas. Over the course of a one-year period of performance, RCORP-Overdose Response recipients will address immediate needs in rural areas through improving access to, capacity for, and sustainability of prevention, treatment, and recovery services for substance use disorder (SUD). To achieve the purpose of the RCORP-Overdose Response program, applicants must select from a list of allowable activities. Please see Program Requirements and Expectations for additional information. Applicants are encouraged to give special consideration to the needs of rural populations that have historically suffered from poorer health outcomes or health disparities, as compared to the rest of the rural population. Examples of these rural populations include, but are not limited to: racial and ethnic minorities, people who are pregnant, adolescents and youth, LGBTQIA+ individuals, veterans, socioeconomically
disadvantaged populations, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.
Deadline: January 19, 2023 | Learn more >>
William Talbott Hillman Foundation’s National Gun Safety and Civic Engagement Efforts Supported
The William Talbott Hillman Foundation strives for a future where creativity is nurtured, democracy is upheld, and gun violence is no more. Foundation priorities include national efforts around gun safety and civic engagement with a focus on young people and BIPOC communities, including work to strengthen gun safety laws, prevent gun-related suicides, and drive voter and civic engagement. 
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