Positive Pathways Program

Woman in hard hat standing on bridge.

Youth Collaboratory is the creator of the Positive Pathways Program (P3), a multi-level strategy to reduce community violence and improve the long-term labor market prospects of juvenile offenders. The target audience for this program are youth aged 16 to 24 from high-poverty, high-crime communities. P3 connects Pathway Coaches with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and in at-risk situations to provide youth with a menu of holistic services ranging from education programs, life skills training, mentoring, physical/mental health, cultural enrichment, and workforce development. Youth are active partners in designing and implementing their own Pathway Plan and working towards goals that will improve their labor marketability, life prospects and the long-term success of their families and communities. Youth are also able to connect to the broader community through restorative justice projects and through participation in a community-wide collaboration to reduce violence. Initially demonstrated through partnerships in five communities, the P3 model has expanded to include new partnerships. 

Youth Collaboratory works closely with each demonstration site to provide technical assistance in the implementation of the P3 Model, and to convene community and faith-based organizations, agencies, and businesses along with youth in the creation of the a plan to reduce violence in the community.

To learn more about the P3 program model, contact Susan Spagnuolo at susan@youthcollaboratory.org