Our Mission


Youth standing and talking

What we do and who we are

Youth Collaboratory harnesses the power of the youth services community to innovate, evaluate, and drive effective strategies that assure the safety and well-being of youth and young adults, unlocking their limitless potential.

How we work and why

Young people today face a litany of complex issues that challenge the future of our country. While these problems don’t always have obvious solutions, we believe that they are solvable with a comprehensive, research-driven approach. Youth Collaboratory prioritizes the following issues:

We tackle these issues collaboratively with a comprehensive approach that crosses all sectors of the youth-services field. Through targeted consulting services, strategic national partnerships, and research-based program models, we operate across sectors to help youth-service providers focus on one goal: strengthen outcomes for youth and young adults in high risk situations. 

Our impact

Since 1988, Youth Collaboratory has worked to develop innovative, effective, and sustainable approaches to program improvement and expansion for youth serving nonprofits across the country. Our work is laser-focused on real-time actions that provide a tangible and measurable positive impact in the lives of young people, their families, and communities all across the country.

Connect with Youth Collaboratory

Partnering with Youth Collaboratory provides your organization access to:

  • An experienced, national thought-leader in the youth service field
  • A diverse community of youth serving nonprofits throughout the United States
  • Research-based, practice-rooted innovations that positively impact youth and young adults