Emergency Preparedness Community Partner Checklist

binder on desktop with title page reading "Emergency Response Plan"

There has been a rise in the frequency of emergency situations that have occurred within our nation. These events have varied in size and situation with an array of contributing factors including the pandemic, natural weather disasters, and increased violence, sometimes resulting in multiple injuries or even death. Youth Collaboratory recognizes the diverse challenges and strategies to risk management and assessment as it relates to all levels of emergency preparedness and response across the youth services field. Following our August Discovery Session on Emergency Preparedness & Response, we curated a new resource. The Emergency Preparedness Community Partner Checklist is a roadmap for youth serving organizations. This tool can assist in assessing current emergency preparedness plans and developing stronger outcomes by: 

  • Identifying and establishing key partners and stakeholders; 
  • Streamlining policies and procedures; and 
  • Increasing overall community collaboration. 


Download the Emergency Preparedness Community Partner Checklist 

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