Young women leaning against building

Grounded in evidence-based practice, the goal of the Mentoring+ program is to introduce mentors and supports into the lives of  youth living in high-risk situations to further explore the inherent strengths of the youth and help them increase protective factors that will build resiliency.

Organizations using the Mentoring+ model have experienced a number of promising outcomes, including:

  • 99% of mentees have not offended or re-offended
  • 96% of mentees demonstrated an increase in protective factors
  • 86% of mentees demonstrated an increase in social connectedness
  • 80% mentor retention rates

To date, our Mentoring+ chapters are in 46 states and together they served over 115,366 youth and their families last year alone. The Mentoring+ model has been utilized with youth ages 6-17 in a one-to-one community-based setting.

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