Engaging Family, Engaging Community: Creating a Network of Support with Young People

Youth Collaboratory
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We know our communities are strongest when young people feel grounded in their identity, have a vision for where they are going, and a network of support to help them get there. These core supports are often close to home - with a young person’s biological, adopted, or chosen family. Engaging the family is a critical starting point but we can’t stop there. It’s about building the full community of connections for youth...and it’s a place where we all have a role.

Over the last several years, Youth Collaboratory has learned a great deal from youth service providers across many sectors about what it means to build community. In October 2019, we hosted a 90-minute webinar where we shared how we are putting this into practice through relationship-based tools and strategies that can directly impact the way programs can help youth build connections and community. If you were not able to attend the webinar live, you can watch the recording here. 

Watch the Webinar

During the webinar, we discussed several resources that you can use to support young people in identifying and engaging family and connecting with a larger community of support.

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