Youth and Young Adult Homelessness

youth looking into camera in what appears to be a collegiate setting.

Youth + Young Adult Homelessness

In the United States, there are very few issues facing our youth that are more serious or pervasive than homelessness. A 2017 study from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago found that 1 in 10 youth experience homelessness, with the total number approaching 3.5 million annually. From a wide body of studies and related research, we know that the experience of homelessness makes youth more likely to face significant health issues, be the victims of crime, and use illicit substances. We also know that living without a stable address presents significant barriers to receiving the education and employment training that youth need to not only live, but thrive. 

Initiatives Related To Youth + Young Adult Homelessness

A complex problem deserves a comprehensive solution. That’s why Youth Collaboratory partners with experts who advocate for young people through direct services, topical research, and policy development. With a finger on the pulse of the field, we track the trends and challenges facing young people and our partners in their communities. With this information, we identify and promote real-time solutions that are effective in addressing the challenges that youth face when experiencing homelessness. We do this by: