Youth Catalyst Townhall

The Youth Catalyst Team, representing young leaders from across the nation, engaged in a critical discussion of what they're hearing in their communities and tips for staying safe during COVID-19. Through this four-part video series we hear from young people about young people, providing suggestions to improve quality of life and an authentic identification of needs within their communities. 

Youth Catalyst Team consultants interviewed throughout this townhall series included:

  • Skye, New York City, New York
  • Liam, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Mirielle, Spokane, Washington
  • Andre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Dash,  Anchorage, Alaska


In Episode 1, the Catalysts dive into the topic of Covid-19 and the impact it is having on young people within their communities, Mirielle identifies that young people are losing their connectivity within their communities saying, ".. it's created a huge feeling of isolation.. " Check out the video for her and the other Catalysts' full take. 

In Episode 2,  the Catalysts discuss how Covid-19 has impacted the accessibility for youth homelessness programs. Andre discusses how in his community changes to services aren't being well-communicated to the populations who are most vulnerable, stating, "Our access points have  been altered in how they function. They're not exactly closed, but they're not exactly walk-in style..." Check out the video below to hear the Catalysts discuss this issue. 


In Episode 3,  the Catalysts provide advice to their peers on how to cope with the new normal which has resulted from Covid-19. Skye gives his take on the importance of staying  'awake' during these difficult times, "Even in this moment where it's such a risk for us to go outside," he says, continuing, "clearly we can still vote." Check out the video to hear all of the recommendations the Catalysts have to offer.

In Episode 4,  the Catalysts are posed the question, "What is one thing your community needs?" Liam is quick to point out the need for businesses to take an active role in supporting young people, stating, "Some of these big businesses need to step up and hire young people and give some financial support to the community that they take out of every day." Check out the video below for the whole conversation. 


Check out our Covid-19 response page for information and resources from Youth Collaboratory.