Authentic Youth Collaboration

Young people jumping

Youth Collaboratory is committed to shifting the power and paradigms in our communities. We recognize that our progress as an organization and field is dependent on the uninhibited leadership of youth and young adults; which means equitable compensation is crucial for sustaining and uplifting youth and young adult leaders in order to advance the field. 

We aim to eradicate adultism, decenter white dominant culture, and move young people most impacted from the margins to the epicenter. Youth and young adults are involved in all aspects of the work - planning, development, action, reflection, evaluation, and follow-up. Our work requires authentic relationships, fierce advocacy, respect, and liberation, as the primary means through which transformative change develops and is sustained. 

Youth Collaboratory works to foster the growth and development of youth and young adults historically excluded. This includes having abundant resources: generating exposure to opportunities, pathways to leadership, reciprocal growth and learning, genuine inclusion in organizational events and training, and overall support of youth and young adults professionally and personally. 

Youth Collaboratory supports many local and national youth and young adult leadership initiatives, and partners with young leaders across the country through the Youth Catalyst Team.  Applications are now being accepted for the Youth Catalyst Team.

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