Specialized Services for Youth Impacted by Commercial Sexual Exploitation

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Youth Collaboratory and its partner, the Center for Combating Human Trafficking (CCHT) at Wichita State University provide resources and tools to community-based providers who work with young people exposed to violence, exploitation, and trafficking through:

Under this initiative, Youth Collaboratory and CCHT provide training and consulting for funded programs to develop or enhance services based on best practices for youth who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation or are highly vulnerable. This includes:

  • developing or updating strategies to recruit and maintain mentors to serve under-identified and underserved populations;
  • beginning or enhancing efforts to identify and enroll girls, boys, and LGBTQ youth who are in need of services;
  • strengthening prevention and early intervention practices to reduce victimization and juvenile justice involvement; and most importantly,
  • providing needed services for these youth.

Programs also enhance community collaboratives and partnerships, address local needs, and use local resources.

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To learn more about this initiative, and our work to prevent and end violence, exploitation, and trafficking, contact K. Lenore Jean-Baptiste at lenore@youthcollaboratory.org.